We Are Back!

2024 Summer Fellows Have Been Selected

A gigantic THANK YOU to the Monique C. and George L. Braude Foundation, who since 2019 donated in total, the amount for these 6 Fellowships!


· Kirya Caine will work on Addiction with Dr. Jean Bidlack at University of  Rochester Medical Center

· Durshil Doshi will work on Traumatic Brain Injury with Dr. Caccese at Ohio State University

· Conrad Ho will work on Substance Abuse with Dr. Liu-Chen at Temple University School of Medicine

· Vanessa Khachaturyan will work on Eating Disorders with Dr. Rice at NYU School of Medicine

· Maria Nunez will work on Pain and Stress with Dr. Kolber at University of Texas at Dallas

· Katie Wang who will work on Fragile X Syndrome with Dr. Serganov at NYU School of Medicine

The first fellows since 2019, before covid!

 Student Summer Fellowships in Neuroscience

The Student Summer Fellowship Program is for Bright, Motivated undergraduate or first year graduate or medical students who are considering a career in neuroscience.


This totally volunteer run non-profit, as of this summer, (2024) will have given 116 Summer Fellowships. The fellowships are made possible by all who attend the fundraising events and those who donate. Thank you for helping and continuing to help us fight brain diseases, and to all those who have participated in events and made generous donations.

Online Donations

Please help this important work continue! Click on the Donate button below to donate to IES Brain Research Foundation. For a $2500 tax deductible donation, you can attach a name of a person or business to a fellowship and indicate the area/disease to which you prefer the donation to be earmarked, if possible.

Donations of all sizes are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.