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IES Brain Research Foundation
Student Summer Fellowships in Neuroscience


This totally volunteer run non-profit, as of this summer, will have given
101 Summer Fellowships.

The fellowships are made possible by all who attend the fundraising events
(this year, Golf Outing & Dinner on June 4, Endorphin 5K on Sept. 22, and the Fall Dinner on Nov. 3) and those who donate.

Congratulations 2018 Summer Fellows!

1. Kristin Miner working with Rehana Leak, PhD at Duquesne University on Parkinsonís Disease

2. Van Truong working with Sam Gershman,PhD at Harvard University on Neuropsychiatric Disorders

3. Nyle Almeida working with Shawn Hervey-Parkey, MD at University of California-SF on Glioblastoma

4. David Rosenberg working with Zhe Chen, PhD at New York University on Pain
2018 IES Brain Research Foundation Rolf Weil Fellowship donated in memory of Rolf Weil by Eric Simon, PhD

5. Hannah Smith working with Brady Maher,PhD at John Hopkins University on Autism

6. Sophie Rogers working with Yasmin Hurd, PhD at Mount Sinai on Addiction

7. Ian Cassentino working with Nicholas Stavropoulos, PhD at New York University on Sleep

8. Malka Svei working with Alexander Harris MD, PhD at Columbia University on Depression

9. Adam Lieber working with Christopher Kellner, MD at Mount Sinai on Stroke

10. Allison Matous working with Heather Wishart, PhD at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine on MS

11. David Dunn working with Elyssa Margolis, PhD, MD at University of California-SF on Addiction

12. Allie Tracey working with Ramesh Raghupati, PhD at Drexel University on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

13. Rebecca Zaritsky working with James Clelland, PhD at New York University Nathan Kline Institute on Schizophrenia

Thank you for helping and continuing to help us fight brain diseases, and to all those who have participated in events and made generous donations.
Please help this important work continue! Click on the Donate button below to donate to IES Brain Research Foundation.

The Student Summer Fellowship Program is for Bright, Motivated undergraduate or first year graduate or medical students who are considering a career in neuroscience.

For a $2500 tax deductible donation, you can attach a name of a person or business to a fellowship and indicate the area/disease to which you prefer the donation to be earmarked.

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